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How To Test All Electronic Components with Multimeter | Resistor Capacitor Diode LED Transistor Fuse

In this video, I have shown How to test all the basic electronics components like resistor, capacitor, diode, LED, transistor, fuse with a multimeter.
As this is complete multimeter Tutorial for testing all basic electronics components you can click on the following time stamps to skip any portion of the video.

00:27 How to test with Multimeter
01:26 How to measure battery Voltage
02:06 How to measure Resistance accurately
05:33 How to measure Capacitance
08:51 How to test Diode
10:53 How to check LED
12:03 How to check the transistor NPN or PNP
14:40 How to check fuse, continuity tester

After watching this tutorial video, you can test all the electronics components with a digital multimeter. During measurement, I have also shared some tips to get the accurate measurement. This video will definitely help you to understand all the features of the multimeter and how to operate a multimeter.

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