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HANMATEK Handheld Digital Oscilloscope 50Mhz Bandwidth with 2 Channels HO52 3.5"TFT Mini Oscilloscope, 2 in 1 Oscilloscope and Multimeter, Backlit Screen, Auto-Calibration Function, Memory Function

【Scope Mode】: 1. The waveform refresh rate is up to 10000wfms / s; 2. Oscilloscope 2 channel input, bandwidth up to 50MHZ, better signal reception. Real-time sampling rate 250MSa / s, recording length up to 8k dots; 3. Cursor measurement function; 4. 7 kinds of automatic measurement functions; 5. XY function; 6. One key automatic setting function, convenient for detecting and debugging.

【Meter Mode】: 4 1/2 digits of the true effective value. 1. Standard voltage, current, resistance, diode, continuity, capacitance test; 2. Auto range function, convenient for testing and debugging; 3. The maximum input voltage is AC 750V, DC 1000V; 4. Independent multimeter and oscilloscope input; 5. Reading the wait function; 6. Relative measurement function.

【Portable Oscilloscopes】: USB Type-C interface supports not only power bank power supply, but also adapter charging and top computer connection. The computer can read saved images or CSV waveforms, which is useful for later viewing and analyzing waveforms or for sharing waveform data.

【Save Function】: Can save 4 groups of settings, 4 groups of reference waveforms, 4 images, 4 groups of waveforms in CSV format. The reference waveform can be displayed on the same screen as the measured waveform for convenient comparison of the waveform. Self-calibration function. Up to 6 automatic measurements can be displayed simultaneously on the screen.

【High Quality After-Sales Service】: Weight only 2.6lb, easy to carry, small size, easy to operate. The automotive oscilloscope. Suitable for students science lab, engineers, and scientists, machine repair, factories, etc. It is a good lab scope automotive tool. lifetime technical support, any product question please contact us.

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