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What is Resistor? Different Types of Resistors and Different Characteristics of Resistors

In this video clip, various kinds of resistors as well as various qualities of resistors have actually been clarified.

What is Resistor?

The resistor is the easy circuit aspect which opposes the circulation of present or electrical energy. The residential property of resistor to oppose the circulation of existing is referred to as the resistance and also it is gauged in the system of the ohm.

Various Characteristics of Resistors:

1) Power Rating

2) Tolerance

3) Temprature Co-efficient of Resistance

4) Noise

5) Stability

6) Frequency Response

Various Types of Resistors:

The resistors are readily available in numerous shapes and size and also extensively can be identified right into 2 classifications.

1) Fixed Resistors

2) Variable Resistors

Various Types of Fixed Resistors

1) Carbon Composition Resistors

2) Carbon Film Resistors

3) Metal Film Resistors

4) Metal Oxide Film Resistors

5) Wire Wound Resistors

6) Surface Mount Resistors

The timestamps for the various subjects covered in the video clip:

0:34 What is Resistor?

1:26 Parameter Affecting the Resistance of the Resistor

2:40 Different Characteristics of the Resistor

6:48 Different Types of Resistors

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This video clip will certainly be handy to all trainee of scientific research and also design in recognizing the various kinds of resistors and also the various qualities of the resistors.