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Series and Parallel Circuits

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This physics video clip tutorial clarifies collection as well as identical circuits. It consists of a lot of instances, formulas, solutions, as well as method troubles revealing you just how to fix it with every one of the needed computations.

Below is a listing of subjects:
1. Collection and also Parallel Circuits Explained – Single Path vs Multiple Pathway for electric Current
2. Collection Resistors – Same Current Flowing Through Each Resistor] 3. Identical Resistors – Same Voltage Across Each Resistor
4. Ohm’s Law V= IR – Voltage, Current, as well as Resistance
5. Computing Equivalent or complete Resistance of a Series as well as Parallel Circuit
6. Identifying the electric existing in a collection and also identical dc circuit
7. Power – Definition of Voltage – Electric Potential Energy Per Unit Charge – Potential Difference or Electromotive Force
8. 1 Volt is 1 Joule per Coulomb
9. Distinction Between Conventional Current and also Electron Flow
10. Electric Power Formula P= VI, P= I ^ 2R, P= V ^ 2/R.
11. Power – Rate of Change of Energy Per Unit Time.
12. Exactly how To Calculate the Power Delivered By Battery as well as The Power Absorbed By Each Resistor.
13. Kirchoff’s Voltage Law of Series Resistor Circuit.
14. Kirchhoff’s Current of Parallel Resistor Circuit.
15. Voltage Division vs Current Division.

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