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Haitronic 254 in 1 basic Arduino component starter kit with resistors(10 kinds: 10R-1M), LEDs(5 color), Switch, B50K Potentiometer, pin header for Arduino UNO R3 Leonardo, MEGA2560, Nano, Raspberry Pi

Qualified electronic devices part pack for numerous fundamental Arduino starter package job.254 computers in total amount, elements(Resistor(0.25 watt), LED, Switch, Potentiometer, Caps, pin header, screw).12 x12mm large button with 5 type of vivid caps(red, yellow, blue, eco-friendly, black).10 kinds worth of resistors(array from 10R to 1M), each 20pcs.2 x B50K Potentiometer with 2 gasket as well as 2 hexagon nut.

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